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Grid for GURPS gamers.
GURPS tactical map

  • Visualize the game situation
  • With transparent grids
  • Fasten maps andd drawings

Various Sizes and Colors available!
Role Play Game Accessory

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GURPS-Grid. GURPS Grid: The RPG board for GURPS, a tool for the Gamermaster. Whiteboard, magnetic board and holding frame all in one. Grid, GURPS, Roleplay, Whiteboard, Gamemaster, Gamer, Magnetic Board, RPG



Magnetic Board

Game grid


This GAMERBOARD was made by gamers for gamers. Ideal for all tabletop miniature games and roleplaying games (RPG).

For all roleplaying games (RPG), tabletop miniature and strategy games (consim/cosim).

Game Grid hexagon

Robust aluminium holding frame.

Insert transparent sheets, drawings and maps and clamp them with the holding frame. The holding frame prevents shifting of sheets and maps.

Magnetic whiteboard.

It keeps all magnet-pawns in place. Use the colored magnet buttons as game-pawns or glue neodym-magnets to the lower side of your own game-pawns.

Transparent sheet is writable.

The cover sheet is writable with whiteboard-markers.

Draw additional details on the maps without damaging the maps.

Writable transparent sheets with grids:

Various Hexagon-grids

and quadratic grids

and others. Put a grid over prefabricated maps or your own drawings. The transparent sheets protect the maps and are writable.

Magnet sets:

Colored magnet buttons, stackable, base diameter 10 mm, magnetic pawns, base diameter 12 mm, neodym-magnets, round, 6 mm diameter, 2 mm high and others.


Magnetic Board Roleplay GURPS RPG Whiteboard Grid Gamer Gamemaster

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GiN checked out Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous: Wrath of the Righteous is an Epic and Incredible RPG Epic role-playing games don’t come out very often. When they do, those who enjoy the kind of deep role-playing that keeps players up way past their bedtimes celebrate their good fortune....

Whiteboard Gamemaster Magnetic Board GURPS Gamer RPG Roleplay Grid

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Gamer Gamemaster GURPS Grid RPG Magnetic Board Whiteboard Roleplay

o RPGWatch 2 - o Age of Grit - Last Update Before Release [2021-09-25]

The last major update before release for Age of Grit. Please note that the game is no longer on sale. Version 0.9.1 Howdy y'all!If all goes to plan this will be the last major update before Age of Grit's full release! This update includes tons of features and fixes numerous bugs/issues....

GURPS Gamemaster Magnetic Board RPG Roleplay Gamer Grid Whiteboard

o RPGWatch 2 - o Gamedec - Hotfix & Roadmap [2021-09-24]

In today's update, Gamedec receives a new hotfix solving critical language issues, and Anshar Studios share their roadmap to end 2021. Hotfix 1.0.50 is now live! + Content Roadmap for the rest of 2021 First, we want to thank you all for the feedback you are giving and the continuous support! Thanks to you, we gathered the most infuriating issues and bugs and threw them at the tour QA department [btw, we love you guys!]....

Gamer GURPS Grid Roleplay Magnetic Board Whiteboard RPG Gamemaster

o RPGWatch 2 - o Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous - Patch 1.0.6 [2021-09-24]

Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous received a new patch (~650-MB download).


Update 1.0.6 Quests and companions: When companions temporarily left your group as a part of the story, they could return dead if they had negative conditions on them - fixed; When selecting the unique dialogue option for the Secret mythic path in the final dialogue, cutscene could freeze - fixed; Companion quests sometimes weren't failing if the companion was sacrificed by the Lich - fixed; Demon Mythic could sometimes be unselectable for some time after exiting combat - fixed; In some circumstances Inger-Maggor didn't drop the key for the gate - fixed; Cold Waters quest now correctly displays the warning to complete the quest before the end of this chapter only in chapter 2; It's no longer possible to get Shadow Dance quest if the player failed Corruption quest in Chapter 3



RPG Grid Gamer Roleplay GURPS Gamemaster Magnetic Board Whiteboard

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Henriquejr spotted a new trailer for the strategy title Terra Invicta: Terra Invicta Playable Factions Trailer loading...

GURPS-Grid: Whiteboard Magnetic Board Game grid. GURPS Grid: The RPG board for GURPS, a tool for the Gamermaster. Whiteboard, magnetic board and holding frame all in one. Grid, GURPS, Roleplay, Whiteboard, Gamemaster, Gamer, Magnetic Board, RPG


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